About us

Who are we?

We are a website that specialises in promoting waterfront and water access properties for sale in Quebec. Both Private Owners and Real Estate Brokers are welcome to list their properties on our site. We have the most extensive marketing campaign specific to waterfront properties. Buyers visit our site after seeing our publicity in newspapers, magazines, and international websites. We are also a source of information for all topics relating to waterfront living and ownership.

How we help you

Along with our extensive paper and internet marketing campaigns, we travel the province attending tours, conventions, open houses and numerous other waterfront related events. This raises public awareness of our site and helps get your property noticed. The way people search for real estate has evolved greatly over the past few years. Buyers consult many websites before making a decision to purchase. We strive to be the first place buyers visit to find a waterfront or water access property. Showcasing your property on our site will give visitors what they want, and help you sell!

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